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This is a guest blogpost by Jonah Acosta, who was in the Top 8 of the 2016 Epic Card Game World Championship.

My name is Jonah Acosta.  I am a 25-year-old gamer from Poughkeepsie, New York.  I am an Engineer for The RIU Hotel down in New York City where I spend most of my week.  Outside of that, I spend a lot of time with my family and girlfriend while managing my gaming workload in addition to all of that.  I play Epic as well as a ton of online games like Solforge, Hearthstone, Eternal, Elder Scrolls Legends, Overwatch and more.  I can’t wait for the Epic app to go live so I can add that to my repertoire!

I qualified for the Epic World Championships through the constructed qualifier hosted at Connecticon earlier this year.  In that event, I played a deck that was designed in its inception by CJ Moynihan and later tweaked by me and my teammates at Pluck You that we dubbed Blitz Zero Alpha!

Sage 0: 11
1 Amnesia
3 Forcemage Apprentice
3 Muse
3 Shadow Imp
1 Vanishing

Sage 1: 22
3 Crystal Golem
3 Erase
3 Ice Drake
2 Memory Spirit
3 Mist Guide Herald
2 Temporal Enforcer
3 Thought Plucker
3 Time Walker

Evil 0: 9
3 Corpse Taker
3 Dark Knight
3 Guilt Demon

Evil 1: 18
2 Angel of Death
2 Apocalypse
1 Army of the Damned
3 Drain Essence
3 Final Task
3 Medusa
3 Necromancer Lord
1 Zombie Apocalypse

The deck was quite aggressive and was able to keep pressure on my opponent forcing them to react unfavorably.  The deck tried to break the symmetry of Time Walker by playing a host of 0 cost Blitz creatures and some strong Tribute champions.  It was also a deck designed around having a lot of value inherent to all of the cards, almost all being two for ones or being free.  During the finals I cast a very large Army of the Apocalypse after an Amnesia and Nathan Davis remarked that it was the biggest one he’d ever seen resolve.   The deck was a blast to play, especially since a lot of people hadn’t picked up Ceasefire yet.

From here, it was time to prepare along with my team for the main event.  We did a lot of Dark Draft to hone our skills.  Unfortunately, my work schedule prevented me from getting into the boot camp the week before the event so I missed out on a lot of constructed testing.  The format we had the least experience with was Cube Drafts.  I spent a lot of my time on site trying to get the Cube Drafts to fire so that I could get more comfortable with the format and its challenges.  Here is the list I ended up drafting in the Main Event:

To finish reading this story, please see the original post on our Epic Card Game Website – originally posted on December 3rd, 2016