November 18th-21st, 2016

Featuring the $100,000
2016 Epic World Championship

2016 Epic World Championship Match:
Will Morgan vs. John Tatian

Read the re-cap from the Epic World Championship below!


12 Last Chance Qualifiers for the 2016
$100,000 Epic World Championship

On-Demand Epic Tournaments Dark Draft, Pack Draft, Constructed, and Random 60

Meet the Designers and Artists!

First Qualifier for the 2017 Epic World Championship

Meet Pro Players!

Hero Realms Campaign Play

Hero Realms Legend Series

Daily Star Realms $1,000 Live Digital Tournaments

Star Realms & Hero Realms Casual Tournaments

Star Realms Legend Series

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$100,000 Epic Worlds Championship 2016


Throughout the weekend of our WWG Fair 2016, participants in the Epic Tournaments had one last chance to win a seat at our $100,000 invitation-only Epic World Championship event! It was an amazing turnout with challengers participating from various backgrounds: Star Realms Pro Players, Magic the Gathering Pro Players, and Epic Players!


Here’s the breakdown for the tournament:

The winner of each qualifier was guaranteed a seat at the Worlds event which began on Sunday morning (11/21/16). The total prize payout for the 1st Annual Event was $100,000, with $25,000 awarded to the Epic World’s Champion as a first place prize.

Limited LCQ events were in the “Random 60” format. Constructed LCQ events are in the “Full Constructed” format. Details about both can be found here.

All qualifiers for the Epic World Championship won at least $500.
The top eight players, seen below, advanced to the finals on Monday (11/22).

Our finals matchup was a great battle between 2 very innovative and determined Epic players: Will Morgan & John Tatian!

Pictured: Will Morgan (left), John Tatian (Right)

See Will’s Constructed DeckSee John’s Constructed Deck 

The two competitors were tied at two games a piece (2-2) heading into the final match that would separate the 2016 Epic Champion from the 2016 Epic Grand Finalist.

Ultimately John Tatian was able to take down Will Morgan in a best of 5 match and became the FIRST Epic Card Game WorldChampion! Congratulations John!

John Tatian
2016 Epic World Champion
$25,000 in Prize Money!

Complete rules for the 2016 Championships can be found here.

A very intriguing breakdown from the weekend can be found on our blog! Written by Will Morgan, you can see the breakdown of his final match with John Tatian and see if you would have done anything differently! Read Will’s Epic Finals Re-cap.

If you didn’t make your way into this year’s World Championship, there is always next year! The road to the 2017 Epic World Championships begins here!

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Sorcerer Announced!

We announced a new product in development at Wise Wizard Games Fair 2016!

Sorcerer is a two-player strategy card game of dark sorcery, deep secrets, and unspeakable horrors.

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