Kapow FAQ

Wrong Dice

If anybody has mistakenly used the wrong type of dice or not enough dice to select an ability (or section), stop everything and do the following.

  1. The player removes all dice from the ability (or section). Treat those dice as if they were not placed on that ability that round. That ability is not selected.
  2. If the effects have not yet been applied, the ability (or section) will not trigger that round.
  3. If the effects have already been applied, undo them where possible.

Wilds as Multiple Types

Given the dice requirement “Any Die = Non-Blank Die”, you may place a blank die on the left and a die showing a Wild face on the right. That’s right, you can simultaneously count the Wild as blank so that both dice match each other and count the Wild as X-Factor (or another type) in order to fulfill its “non-blank” space.

And remember, Wilds only count as other types for the purpose of fulfilling dice requirements. As far as effects are concerned, they’re just Wild.

Gaining Kickers before Bases

If you gain Attack Kickers before your attack, save them until it’s your turn to attack. Then if you have a Base Attack, you may apply your Attack Kickers. If you don’t have a Base Attack, your Attack Kickers have no effect. Defense Kickers work similarly.

Manipulating Placed Dice

Once screens are removed, some Character Board abilities may cause you to manipulate dice or faces (lose, give, take, or exchange) on abilities you’ve selected but which haven’t triggered yet. These abilities will still trigger even if their dice are showing the wrong faces and/or their dice are missing.

When dice or faces are manipulated, do not rotate those dice. If you exchange one die for another or one face for another, put each in the other’s place. If an ability refers to a die or face, it sees the new die, new face, or lack thereof (for example, the Replicate and Teleport abilities refer to the faces shown).

Gray Faces

Some expansions come with Gray faces (see Volume 1 and 2 Exclusives). Gray faces count as blank.

If any Character Boards refer to Gray faces (see Quintessa and W0rm), players may only use Gray faces when so instructed by those boards. Wilds cannot be placed as Gray Faces.

If no Character Boards refer to Gray faces, players may use Gray faces to fill every empty side on their Action Dice (leaving no empty sides). This is completely optional. Players may do this to ensure their dice are evenly weighted and all faces have the same probability of being rolled. However, in our experience, this has little to no effect on outcomes. When using Gray faces in this way, play the game as though those faces do not exist. For example, you can’t “gain” or “lose” a gray face. Whenever you attach a non-Gray face, replace a Gray face as needed. Whenever you remove a non-Gray face, replace it with a Gray face as needed. You should never have an empty side on your Action Dice.

Negative Attack and Defense

Some effects subtract from a player’s total attack or defense (such as Elusivity’s Entangle tokens and Coquette’s Vrepit). Total attack and total defense cannot be reduced below 0. For example, if your attack is 2 and you subtract 5, you’ll have 0 attack.

Player Board Notes

Spoiler Alert – Vitamin D (PVP Side, Any format)

If you Lock-In Time Jump, cover both dice spaces. The ability will trigger twice each round.

Reverb – Shredding (PVP Side, Any Format)

If you use any X-Factors to select abilities, then subsequently select Shredding, the X-Factors that you placed will become blank and may no longer fulfill non-blank dice requirements of your abilities. If this happens, leave any dice you’ve placed on Immediate abilities and return all dice on other unfulfilled abilities to your unspent pool. Those abilities are no longer selected. You may use your unspent dice to re-select the same or different abilities.

Crescendo – Prestissimo (PVP Side, PVP Format)

If Crescendo’s opponent has multiple base attacks (See PVP Fuse and PVP Mindset), Crescendo only gets one of those base attacks. The Crescendo player may choose which to use.

Coquette – Leech (PVP Side, AI Formats)

Whenever the AI needs to make a choice (besides dice or faces, which are randomized), the players should choose for the AI. You may make the choice in your favor (the worse choice for the AI).

Crescendo – Prestissimo (PVP Side, AI Formats)

When used against an AI, Crescendo’s Prestissimo will always generate 1 base attack. (The AI does not use base attack, attack kickers, or attack multipliers.)

Elusivity – Entangle (PVP Side, AI Formats)

If able, AI opponents will place dice on Entangle Tokens right before they would place dice on their last ability (the one with six dice).

Coquette – Life Sucks (Either Side, Co-op Format)

In co-op, During-Power-Up abilities usually refer to the character across from you. Life Sucks is an exception which specifically refers to whichever opponent you attacked that round.

Elusivity & W0rm (PVP Side, Any Format)

Usually, when an ability requires choices between effects, you’ll make the choice when the ability triggers (at the time indicated).

However, these Player Board abilities indicate “This Round” and require choices between effects that can happen at different times.

Elusivity’s Adrenaline reads:

  • For each die placed here, choose two: +1 Attack Kicker OR +1 Defense Kicker OR Gain a face During Defense.

W0rm’s Stiffen reads:

  • For each die placed here: Gain a Gray face During Power Up OR Weaken (see W0rm’s Player Board) After Power Up

You must make all choices at the first time each of these abilities could trigger. If all of your choices apply to a single time (Attack OR Defend, etc.), the ability will trigger at that time (whether it is then or later in the turn). If your choices apply at multiple times (Attack AND Defend, etc.), the ability will trigger at each of those times, producing the corresponding effects.

For example, you have placed three dice on Elusivity’s Adrenaline. If you have the First Player token and you are attacking first this round, you must decide whether you will gain +1 Attack Kicker and +2 Defense Kicker, or +3 Defense Kicker, etc. all right before you attack. If you do not have the First Player token and your opponent is attacking first this round, you must decide which 3 effects you will gain all right before you defend.

Quintessa & W0rm (Either Side, Any Format)

Quintessa and W0rm’s opponents cannot remove Gray faces, with these exceptions:

  • When a die is lost, remove any Gray faces and return them to the general pool.
  • If an ability specifically says to lose, give, take, or exchange “Gray faces” (by name)

Gray faces cannot be removed in these cases:

  • Removing and rearranging faces during Clean Up
  • Exchanging faces
  • Losing faces
  • Giving faces to other players
  • Taking faces from other players

Note: Players are allowed to exchange, give, or take dice with Gray faces on them. Just leave the faces attached.