Robot Quest Arena Products

Robot Quest Arena Base Game

An arena battle game with awesome robot minis from the creators of Star Realms! Upgrade your bot, maneuver, and blast your opponents!


Card Sleeves

A 50-count pack of plastic card sleeves. Fits standard-size playing cards. Glossy front and back. PVC and Acid Free. 67mm x 92mm, 2.5 oz.


Jaws Robot Pack

This pack’s shop cards feature the Upgrade mechanic. When you buy an Upgrade card from the shop it goes directly into play and staysthere all game giving your robot a permanent new ability!

Coming Soon

Kettle Robot Pack

This pack’s shop cards feature the Defense mechanic. Defense cards gain red cubes when played. They stay in play protecting you, and you can use their ability each turn until your opponent knocks out your Defense card with damage.

Coming Soon

Kickstarter Exclusive Products

Dozer Robot Pack

This Kickstarter exclusive pack features a new robot as well as 8 new function and attack cards, plus 12 cards with the new Event mechanic.

Exclusives Pack

 The arena is a dynamic place. Walls move, equipment is dropped in, and traps pop out from the floor. You need to be ready for anything! This Kickstarter exclusive pack features 11 new tiles and 34 new cards.