Origins is upon us! Who will be in Columbus this week? Come see us at booth 901 – we are in the first row of the exhibit hall. We will be giving away Star Realms Merc Destroyer promo cards and a free Steam code for the Star Realms digital app. Stop by and chat with us about our games, upcoming games, and Kickstarters.

We have so much happening at Origins that we don’t want you to miss!

We will be demoing:

  • Hero Realms with Character Packs
  • Hero Realms Ruin of Thandar Campaign
  • Star Realms
  • Epic Card Game
  • Sorcerer (not yet released so this will be a prototype game)

New Products for sale at Origins:

Epic Card Game Pantheon Expansion Packs | You can now buy all 6 Pantheon packs at Origins. The demigod packs are not yet available in retail! Play as a god in the Epic Pantheon! Each display box contains 12 packs. Each pack contains a rule sheet, 2 diety cards, a token card and 12 game cards for use with Epic Card Game. One of each pack is recommended for casual players, while advanced players will want three of each pack for a completed constructed collection.

Upcoming products at our booth:

Sorcerer | We will be demoing our highly anticipated Sorcerer game. Sorcerer is a 2-4 player dark fantasy game with lots of fun back and forth dice combat. Construct your Sorcerer deck at the start of the game and battle for control of two out of the three battlefields set in Victorian London to win the game. Lots of fun back and forth dice combat.

Also, we are honored to mention that Hero realms has been nominated for the Best Card Game! Vote for Hero Realms at the Origins booth in the back right hand corner of the exhibit hall by Saturday at noon! Help us get the word out about this awesome game!

And last but not least…

You can Play in one of our Legend Series and become a card in the game! Also, you can play in our Epic Digital Qualifier on the Epic digital app to win the opportunity to compete in the Epic Digital $50K Championship. You can sign-up ahead of time but we also do take generic tickets. We also have lots of fun casual events, so stop on by. We are right next to the large pillar with the Star Realms and Epic graphics in the events area!

See you in Columbus!