There is tons of excitement for the upcoming Hero Realms Dungeons boxset which will include a new 80 card market deck, an all-new 12-encounter dungeon campaign, and new characters!

With the Dungeons Kickstarter content, we have been doing something that we have never done before. We have been testing the Dungeons content in a special beta server with all of the Legend Tier backers. This is allowing us to thoroughly test this new content so that we can deliver a physical game to backers with the best possible balance. We have already made a lot of changes based on the stats and feedback from our beta testers. We are ready to start broader testing, and have decided to include the new Dungeons market deck in this week’s Hero Realms Arena, which begins on Wednesday December 6th!

Hero Realms Digital is available on iOS, Android and Steam and anyone that has purchased the base game of Hero Realms will be able to participate in this Dungeons Arena for free.

This week, if you play in the Hero Realms Digital App Arena, your decks will include the upcoming market cards from Hero Realms Dungeons. If you have any questions about Hero Realms Arena, the best place to ask questions is in the Hero Realms Digital Discussion Channel in the Wise Wizard Games Discord Server. See you in the Arena!