Robot Quest Dozer Robot Pack

Dozer worked as a construction robot until she was adopted by Singh, who recognized her potential in the Arena. Dozer’s leg mechanisms are particularly sturdy since they were built for carrying heavy loads and pushing dirt around a large construction site. She is also built with extremely sturdy bodywork, which translates to a tremendous amount of pushing power. Any robot shoved by Dozer will absolutely feel it!

This backer-exclusive pack features a new robot as well as 8 new function and attack cards, plus 12 cards with the new Event mechanic.

This pack is not available in our online store, however, it may be available as an add-on in our various crowdfunding campaigns.


Player Board

  • Dozer/Singh


  • Spawn Point
  • VP Crate
  • Loot Box x2


  • Gems x3
  • Cubes x 12 (2 blue, 10 red)


  • Lore: Dozer
  • Rules: Event Cards
  • Rules: Loot Box & VP Crate
  • Hammer
  • Jump Jets
  • Battery x8
  • Arena Add-on
  • Data Dump x2
  • Donation Bot x2 
  • Free Nitrous x2
  • Free Samples
  • Mandatory Pitstop x2
  • Overtime
  • Reboot x2
  • Remodel x2
  • Shop Glitch x2
  • Time Out
  • Translocation x2