Robot Quest Jaws Robot Pack


Jaws was created as a garbage-crushing robot and is famed for his ability to grab, crush, and stack refuse automatically, leaving it in neat piles for pickup. His pneumatic jaws are massive and capable of intense pressure. While Jaws’ cleaning and stacking code is disabled, however, all that’s left are those impressive mandibles and the desire to crush whatever fits between them. Demetri adopted Jaws as a fierce fighter specializing in close-up combat.

This pack’s shop cards feature the Upgrade mechanic. When you buy an Upgrade card from the shop it goes directly into play and stays there all game giving your robot a permanent new ability!



Player Board

  • Jaws/Demitri



  • Spawn Point
  • Button Tile
  • Bottomless Pit (Closed/Open)
  • Fire Trap (Off/On)



  • Gems x3
  • Cubes x 12 (2 blue, 10 red)


  • Lore: Jaws
  • Rules: Upgrade Cards
  • Rules: Bottomless Pit, Fire Trap, & Button
  • Hammer
  • Jump Jets
  • Battery x8
  • Bling x2
  • Compression Clamp x2
  • Hop Turbine x2
  • Membership Card
  • Microwave Blast x2
  • Nanobots x2
  • Signal Booster
  • Solar Panel x2
  • Startup Routine x2
  • Utility Saw x2
  • Virtual Targeting x2