Robot Quest Kettle Robot Pack


Kettle is skilled at repairing robots in an industrial setting. Robot Techs admire her balance between attack strength and her ability to repair bots on the fly. Kettle doesn’t pack quite as much punch as other robots, but Bianca, & Annika don’t mind. Having the ability to make quick repairs in the Arena is a real advantage. Only Kettle can do that!

This pack’s shop cards feature the Defense mechanic. Defense cards gain red cubes when played. They stay in play protecting you, and you can use their ability each turn until your opponent knocks out your Defense card with damage.



Player Board

  • Kettle/Bianca & Annika



  • Spawn Point
  • Portal x3



  • Gems x3
  • Cubes x 12 (2 blue, 10 red)


  • Lore: Kettle
  • Rules: Defense Cards
  • Rules: Portal
  • Kettle Shield
  • Hammer
  • Jump Jets
  • Battery x8
  • Big Shield x2
  • Databank Shield x2
  • Electric Shield
  • Employee Badge x2
  • Forcefield x2
  • Iron Knuckles x2
  • Power Armor x2
  • Prized Shield x2
  • Repair Kit x2
  • Scrap Shield x2
  • Spike Armor